Dennis Mellor Cup

Dennis Mellor Cup To be confirmed

The draw for the Dennis Mellor Cupis shown below - Handicaps Apply, best of 3 frames

This is the first round draw

Moor Club
  • Adam Cairns v Paul Saunders 19:45
  • Ricky Lee v A Brown 19:45

Hazel Grove
  • Tony Reeves v C Norbury 19:45
  • M Holtom v T Robertson 19:45
  • J Reeves v D Deans 21:00

Cheadle Institute
  • Ahsan Raza v M Thorpe 19:45
  • Dev Singh v S Mehrabadi 21:00
  • R Sarfalou v Asim Ahmed 21:00

Please note: It is STRICTLY on or before the date stated as agreed by the MSL Committee and Delegates who represent you and your teams.