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Please note players handicaps and ranking points are added at the end of each month.

A Division

1 Oldham B 1354
2 Green Mach 1353
3 Oldham A 1351
4 Shaw Cue 1347
5 Hazel Grovers 1345
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Latest News

NOTICE: All Cup Fixtures for 2018/2019 will now be a Weds - The next cup matches will be posted soon.
From The Snooker League Commitee

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Match Card

BBC - Snooker
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Trump beats Selby to reach Masters semi-finals

Judd Trump beats world number one Mark Selby 6-2 to reach the Masters semi-finals.

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Trump knocks out Selby - best shots

Judd Trump knocks world number one Mark Selby out of the Masters to reach the semi-finals with a 6-2 victory.

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O'Sullivan to face Ding in his 14th Masters semi-final

Ronnie O'Sullivan reaches the semi-finals of the Masters with a 6-3 win over Ryan Day and will play Ding Junhui after he beats Luca Brecel 6-5.

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Masters Snooker 2019: Ding Junhui forfeits frame against Luca Brecel

Ding Junhui makes three fouls in succession to forfeit a frame in his Masters quarter-final win against Luca Brecel.

Rankings Top 10

1 Sajid Zamurd 54.75
2 C Norbury 53
3 A Brown 49
4 T Reeves 44
5 Mike Dickinson 43.5
6 M Naveed 42
7 Saif Amin 42
8 Asif Nissar 41.25
9 D Deans 41
10 Muhammad Ashraf 40.25
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Latest Results

Group 1
Great Moor A 2 - 5 Oldham A
Green Mach 6 - 1 Shaw Cue
Hazel Grovers 4 - 3 Frames OS
Oldham B 4 - 3 Rainbow